Colorful Holi Festival in Nepal

Posted On:20 Mar,2019

Colorful Holi Festival in Nepal   Festival, 365 days in a year? Yes, in a sarcastic term. Nepal has many festivals.  Holi is one of them.  Nepalese celebrate it vigorously. There is no any significant ritual in Nepal in the name of Holi festival unlike Dashain and Tihar. People take part in earnest manner to celebrate festival, however. Af... Read More


Maha Shivaratri,2019

Posted On:04 Mar,2019

  Mahashivaratri , Birthday of Lord Shiva, is a Hindu festival.  The festive day, Shivaratri, comes on 14th day of Magh month (4th week of February or 1st week of March). In Luni Solar month as per Hindu calendar.   On the festival day of shivaratri, Hindu people get clean early morning. They go fasting for whole day and visit to... Read More


Maghe Sakranti Festival

Posted On:14 Jan,2019

Maghe Sakranti Festival   Sarcastically, people say there are 366 days festivals in a calendar year in Nepal. There are over 36 ethnic groups exist and they belong there own traditional culture and practices. The Maghe Sakranti, a festival of winter, comes likely on 14th of 15th of January. Almost all community celebrate this festival as p... Read More


Is Runway in Nepal safe?

Posted On:20 Apr,2018

There is a major discourse among Nepalese tourism market and passengers—are Nepalese runway and sky safe for travelers. Yesterday, the scheduled flight to Malaysia was swerved out from runway. Luckily, no any fatal was happened in this incident so far. Similarly, almost a month ago, Bangladesh’s airline’s aircraft was misshaped on the same airport ... Read More

Travelers Combine holidays with volunteering work.

Posted On:12 Feb,2018

Although Nepal immigration system never grant volunteer visa for international travelers; however, travelers are intensively working as volunteers by holding a tourist visa in caring child, teaching school, and working in hospital etc. At the airport, or any other Nepal entry points, it is clearly said travelers are not allowed to volunteer work at... Read More

General Election Held in Nepal.

Posted On:07 Dec,2017

Today, the second phage of general election is held in different parts of Nepal. As per electoral commission, the election process is going peacefully and gently at all vote casting booth. We are very optimist, after completing election, the newly formed government will be able to sustain government and impose friendly rule for Travel entrepreneurs... Read More