7th March 2020

COVID-19 halts the most prominent festival, Holi, 2020, in Nepal.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the world, Nepal authorities have officially requested not to celebrate the most significant festival in Nepal.  Despite getting negative virus symptoms to the students who were recently evacuated from Wuhan, China, the saturated color and crowd may cause the virus to pass on. The tourists and strangers who might be infected might take part in the festival.

Holi Celebration in Kathmandu,Nepal.

Holi Celebration in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Nepal government has revoked the visit Nepal-2020 campaign due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The campaign was aiming to bring over 2 million travelers to Nepal in 2020.

In the past years, the Holi festival used to be celebrated with colors. Several people, especially Hindus, used to involve in celebrating the festival.  But this season, it will be a gloomy festival.

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