19th August 2019

The most common questions and mistakes people make while trekking in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its beautiful mountains and captivating view. More than 100,000 people go for trekking to Nepal, and only a few have a problem on their trek. It is a country known for its mountains and is completely safe for trekking.

Before going for trekking, people ask a lot of questions related to it, actually it’s good; questions help you a lot in knowing something better. It provides maximum information of all the basic needs for the trek.

Today in this article, we will tell you the most common questions as well as mistakes made by the people while trekking so you won’t repeat those mistakes and have a safe journey.

Most common questions asked

  • Where to stay on a trek?

Nepal has a lot of well-established mountain lodges where you can stay comfortably. They provide a proper arrangement of food and sleeping area. No doubt there are times when trekkers have to share rooms, but that’s not frequent. They have all the facilities of shower and toilets.

  • How long do we have to walk each day?

If you are thinking about your walking schedule, then you shouldn’t be worried, as the mountains have a resting point after every 10 to 15 km. People, who start the trek at 7 am, usually finish off at 2 or 3 pm afternoon, which is quite convenient. The higher you will go, the shorter will be your walking distance.

  • Is the sleeping bag required?

Sometimes it’s very cold to sleep in blankets, so keeping a sleeping bag with you would give you no harm because you never know what’s waiting for you.

  • Do I need a guide or I can go on my own?

Having a guide with you makes your trip quite easy. Going on your own is also possible, but it’s safe to have a guide with you so you won’t get lost and he can even help you if any emergency arises.

Mistakes people make while trekking

Sometimes people look for the longer trek and often regret it. There have been a lot of cases where people got sick and had to go back, so it’s always better to look for a shorter trek as its more fun. Moreover, drinking a lot of water is necessary as it’s common to have dehydration while trekking. Also don’t be a fashionista and wear denim jeans in search of your dreamy partner, instead wear special joggers and trousers because safety comes first. Plus always keep a guide with you and don’t wander off all alone as it can be very dangerous, besides you could always need help at steep areas.


Trekking in Nepal is a wonderful experience one should have in their life. It’s always safe to search for the place before going. Choosing a shorter trek could result in much better trek so don’t always look for a longer trek. We have listed out some important FAQs and common mistakes, which might help you in your trekking.




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