16th March 2020

Nepal Opens the War against COVID-19

Nepal Opens the War against COVID-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has done extensive damage to the world.  Worldwide, over a hundred thousand people have been suffered, and over five thousand people have lost life. Covid-19 suffering patients’ numbers are increasing day by day.

The coronavirus attacks humans indiscriminately—no matter whether they are rich or poor, Asian or European, and black or white.  

To date, no case of COVID-19 appeared in Nepal. However, it is listed at high risk by WHO.  Over 174 students evacuated from China, have found negative while they were placed for 14 days quarantine camp.  There were some suspicious cases, but all of them found negative.

Due to this virus, a developing country, Nepal has been devastated economically. One of the major foreign currency earning businesses, tourism trades, is halted. Hotels are getting empty. Tour and trekking business is almost all are canceled.

To protect from COVID-19, yesterday, the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi organized a video conference between Sour Asian Region Association Countries, SAARC. All eight members of SAARC, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, Pakistan, and Afghanistan’s chief of government actively involved.

SAARC  Nations Video Conference

SAARC Nations Video Conference

The video conference initiator, Mr. Modi has urged that “ not to be panic with this virus but find the way to fight against it. Mr. Modi, also started a fund, $10 million, for war against the virus.

As a chief delegate of Nepal, Prime Minister Mr. K.P Oli explains the efforts and strategies of Nepal of a fight against Coronavirus. Nepal has suspended all international symposiums that are to be held in Nepal. And all peak climbing programs which have to be done in this spring season. Moreover, upon arrival, the visa has been suspended, travelers are to be sent for quarantine, etc.

Our Policy for pre-booking Clients

As a responsible company, Go Trekking Nepal (P) Ltd has decided to refund a 100 % deposit, which was received as a confirmation charge. There is no single Dime will be charged.  We also have a policy; if you want to extend the tour for upcoming years, then we would be more than happy to manage as per your demand.  

Getting quiet, the Kathmandu Airport

Getting quiet,
the Kathmandu Airport

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