Maha Shivaratri,2019



Mahashivaratri , Birthday of Lord Shiva, is a Hindu festival.  The festive day, Shivaratri, comes on 14th day of Magh month (4th week of February or 1st week of March). In Luni Solar month as per Hindu calendar.


On the festival day of shivaratri, Hindu people get clean early morning. They go fasting for whole day and visit to shiva temples to offer worship and prayers. They enchant “Om Nama Shivaya” and greet each other saying “Jaya Shambho” in the name of lord shiva.  In Nepal, over 90 percent people are Hindus, celebrate this festival, by offering worship and prayers. They visit to  Shiva Temples in their neighborhood to offer ritual. The Pashupati Nath,  Shiva Temple, is the biggest Hindu Temple in Nepal. And it is famous among Hidnus in all over the world. On the day of Shivaratri, millions of devotees visit Pahsupati Nath Temple. Most of the people from India visit this temple in a big influx as devotees including holy men (Naga Babas).


The management committee of Pashupati Nath says and expect, over 1.5 million devotees are  visiting Pashupati Nath Temple this season. Many welfare groups and organizations will set up camps to support devotees. They   offer free service of paramedic camps, water distribution, enchanting and musical team etc. The district administration office mobilizes security forces to ensure each pilgrims safety.


Some gipsy types of people abuse festival, who disguise as holy men, sell marijuana to visitors. They  believe that marijuana is prashad (devotional offer) of Lord shiva. We should take it. In Kathmandu, children even adults stop drivers and pedestrian’s way.  They line ropes on across road halting way and  ask for money in the name of god.