Maghe Sakranti Festival


Maghe Sakranti Festival


Sarcastically, people say there are 366 days festivals in a calendar year in Nepal. There are over 36 ethnic groups exist and they belong there own traditional culture and practices. The Maghe Sakranti, a festival of winter, comes likely on 14th of 15th of January. Almost all community celebrate this festival as per their culture practice. The community of hilly region celebrates Maghe Sakranti by offering a ritual to in the house and put Tilak (rice burnt ash) on the forehead.  And having yams and sweats made of sesames. Nepalese  believe that having these stuffs make us to get relief from the cold weather.On occasion of festival day people get bathe in rivers, stream and nearby natural water resources as a Makar Snan.


There are some local events in hilly region. Where people come to buy and shell locally produced product. In a village of Nuwakot, northern part of Kathmandu, a village called Taruka where local farmer organize a bull fight. The winner bull and owner will be awarded with a seal and a handsome gift prize.


In the southern part of Nepal, the tribal group,Tharu, celebrate this festival as  new year. The auspicious day is called Maghi. They will invite near family members who are in same village or far away from home to celebrate festival together. This is the biggest festival of Tharu community. There are numbers of Tharu community who lives in Kathmandu; they organize a festive event. They organize event  in Thudhikhel, the open field in Kathmandu Ratnapark. The event reflects an interesting carnival of Tharu people. In this event,  participants come with their unique traditional costume and organize cultural shows, dance, singing completion etc. They play their traditional instruments to make event more interesting.

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Please add more story.

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Makar Sakranti

Not only in Nepal, we celebrate this festival even in Darjeeling, India. Happy Makar Sakranti you all!