Jungle Safari in Chitwan

  •   Destination: Nepal
  •  Activities: Jungle Safari
  •   Trip Grade: Easy
  •   Departure from: Kathmandu, Nepal
  •   Arrival on: kathmandu,Nepal
  •  Group size: 1-12 peoples
  •  Best Seasons: All Season

Trip Introduction

Jungle Safari in Chitwan


Nepal is a treasure of bio-diversity. The geographical formation of the land has very unique and diverse.  Nepal preserves its bio-diversity of the country. There are nine national parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas, and one wildlife hunting reserve. These regions become major attractions, likely mountaineering and trekking, for nature explorers.


All preserved area covers 29,000 square kilometers that is 20 percent of aggregate land of the country. The preserved areas locate at lowland, Terai, to high mountainous regions.  Each preserved areas retains different kind of species of flora and fauna. It depends in altitude, climate and available natural resources. Vegetation in lowland covers to preserved areas with SAL (Shorea Robusta), SISAU (Rosewood), and elephant apple. Widening grassland in national parks and reserve becomes heaven for wild lives. Since a long time, national parks and reserve areas are first choice destination for nature lovers.  In terms of Jungle safari, nature exploration, National parks offers a wide range of experience to explorers. It is one of the best experience get into deep forest with elephant back ride or Jeep ride. There is different s of wildlife roaming around. We will get good opportunity to see then closely and observe their habitat.


We offer a complete jungle safari tour in Royal Chitwan National Park. Chiltwan National Park, UNESCO listed in preserved site, used to be hunting and relaxing places for royal families. From Kathmandu, this is the biggest, most visited, and nearest National park. It takes about 7 hours drive way and 20 minutes airstrip from Kathmandu. The National park offer various kinds wildlife such as Royal Bengal Tigers, one Horned Rhainos, Deer, wild boars, baboons, porcupines, and numerous species of birds. The tour comprise many activities such like, Local culture Dance, Canoeing,  Culture Tour, Elephant back ride to safari, Canoeing, and Elephant breeding Center visit.

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